发布日期:2019-03-21 信息来源:国际公司

Belt & Road Initiative: China's State Grid builds 'electricity super highway' in Brazil

China's the Belt and Road Initiative is about building connectivity through global infrastructure cooperation. Our reporter Tao Yuan visited a power company in Rio de Janeiro, and one which many believe to be a prime example of what the international development project is all about.

On Brazil's power grid map lies an electricity "super highway". This 800kV ultra-high-voltage, or UHV transmission project is built by China's State Grid. Zhou Jing is a technician in Rio de Janeiro. But she has a decade of experience in the power industry in China.

ZHOU JING SUBSTATION VICE MANAGER, STATE GRID BRAZIL HOLDING "China has the world's most UHV direct current lines, more than ten lines are under construction or already in use."

UHV technology can transmit electricity over long distances with relatively low loss of power. And China is now exporting this technology.

TAO YUAN RIO DE JANEIRO "When it comes to transmitting electricity, Brazil has a lot in common with China. Both countries have a vast territory, with energy consumption areas located far away from hydropower resources."

This line transmits electricity from Brazil's Amazon jungle in the north to consumption centers like Rio in the south.

For every Chinese worker employed on this project, three are Brazilian locals. Gustavo Tavares is one of them.

GUSTAVO TAVARES STATE GRID BRAZIL HOLDING "I think everybody is happy to be on this project right now. It's good for my career. I think in the future, everybody will be proud to have been working on this project."

Vivian Yan is a Chinese Brazilian.

VIVIAN YAN TRANSLATOR, STATE GRID BRAZIL HOLDING "Here, my work has real value. I know both cultures and both languages. I can facilitate many exchanges, work-related or social-related, because we've also sponsored many social projects."

Projects like this one, "Mare Orchestra of Tomorrow", a children's orchestra in one of Rio's most violent shantytowns. This girl says it changed her life.

"The most precious thing this orchestra gave me is confidence. It makes me feel I can do many things."

President of State Grid Brazil CaiHongxian says investment goes hand in hand with social change.

CAI HONGXIAN PRESIDENT, STATE GRID BRAZIL HOLDING "This orchestra grew alongside our company in Brazil. In the past eight years, more than 2,000 children benefited from this program. That's where our social responsibility lies."

Zhou Jing is in Rio for more than two years now.

ZHOU JING SUBSTATION VICE MANAGER, STATE GRID BRAZIL HOLDING "It's like watching a child grow. And it brings light to cities and people along its path, more importantly to boost Brazil's industry development."

Tao Yuan, CGTN, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.